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New Rampike Magazine issue: Poetics, Part Two

Fabulous new issue of Rampike includes “Blueshift Road,” the title poem of my new manuscript, and kickass poems by Susan Holbrook, Amanda Earl, and many, many more. Hat-doff to editors Karl E. Jirgens, Marissa Reaume, and John Matias.

Click the image to link to Rampike:


Vol. 21/No.2 (Poetics: Part Two): Michael Winkler, Leonard Cohen & Judith Fitzgerald, Charles Bernstein, Susan Gold & Mike Dyer, George Bowering, Frank Davey, Katie Solbeck, Terry Trowbridge & Alexander Brown, Richard Kostelanetz, Peter Jaeger, Jesse Ferguson, Cathy Wagner, Tim Atkins, Amy De’Ath, Brenda Francis Pelkey, Richard Parker, Marcus Slease, Edward Nixon, Christian Burgaud, Susan Holbrook, Louis Cabri, Brian Ang, Harvey L. Hix, Kevin McPherson Eckoff, Stephen Remus, Eric Schmaltz, Travis Kirton, Kelly Mark, bill bissett, Judith Copithorne, Gregory Betts, Hallie Siegel, Matt Donovan, a.rawlings, derek beaulieu, Steve McCaffery, bill bissett, Cyril Dabydeen, Babar Khan, Norman Lock, George Elliott Clarke, tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE, Denise Desautels & Norman Cornett, Amanda Earl, Nick Power, Lindsey Bannister, Paul Lisson, Raquel Torres, Camille Martin, Stephanie McKenzie, Justin Langlois, Robert Anderson, Andre Narbonne, Tray Drumhann, Eric Zboya, Mat Laporte, Nico Vassilakis, Robert Dassanowsky, rob mclennan & Sachiko Murakami, derek beaulieu, & Ottarormstad, Britt-Marie Lindgren, Michael Basinski, FRONT COVER: Reed Altemus, BACK COVER:Andrew Topel.

Camille Martin

“Their species is finally getting somewhere . . .”: Angel House Press (National Poetry Month)

Another poem from my forthcoming Looms (Shearsman Books) has been selected for a National Poetry Month series:

click to link to the poem at Angel House Press

Thanks to Amanda Earl, poet and publisher of Angel House Press!

Camille Martin

Collage: An Interview with Camille Martin

Poetry & peak foliage

Photo: Camille Martin

         Ongoing fantasy: to book poetry readings with perfect timing for the peak ripening of fall colours. I hit the gold, orange, and red jackpot in Ottawa and Kingston during my recent readings for the AB Series (hosted by Max Middle) and the Thrive Series (hosted by Erin Foley). The views from the train were gorgeous, and the lush backdrop of colours made walking around town with friends before and after the reading that much more enjoyable.
         Photos from the readings in Ottawa and Kingston:

Photo credit: Max Middle

AB Series, showing my new Above/Ground chapbook, If Leaf, Then Arpeggio, with colliding galaxies on the cover

Photo credit: Pearl Pirie

AB Series

Photo credit: Erin Foley

Thrive Series reading from Sonnets (dig the moose-muse!)

Thanks to Max Middle and Erin Foley, intrepid and community-creating curators;

Zorras Multimedia Troupe for putting on a spectacular show in Ottawa;

Dean and Francoise Steadman, who graciously hosted me in Ottawa;

Charles and Amanda Earl, who gave me a terrific tour of Ottawa and made me want to pack up and move there immediately;

rob mclennan for bringing If Leaf, Then Arpeggio, my Above/Ground chapbook hot off the press, to the reading;

Christine McNair and rob mclennan, who invited me to have dinner with them in their fantastic new digs in an old Victorian house in Ottawa;

Bruce Kauffman for interviewing me on CFRC-FM in Kingston;

and to those wonderful souls who attended the readings, made me feel welcome, and even bought some books.

Camille Martin

Gimme! (for National Poetry Month)

Gimme, one of my ransom note collages, is featured today on the National Poetry Month website, curated by Amanda Earl. This year, the focus is on visual poetry. Every day, an image by a different visual poet will be uploaded on her site.

Here’s a peek:

Click here to see the whole paean to greed.



Camille Martin

on the anniversary of my healing from breast cancer

In September 2006, a little less than a year after I moved to Toronto from New Orleans, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This month marks the four-year anniversary of the beginning of my healing: surgery followed by several months of chemo and radiation therapy.

During that time, I was haunted by thoughts of mortality. Sometimes collage and poetry gave me a way to explore my feelings as I was confronted with the possibility that I might not survive. Death’s heads crept into several of my collages, such as the sinister stone frieze in the background of the collage above. And I can see that haunting in the dark tone of some of the poems in Sonnets.

I’ve never written publicly about my breast cancer, and though I don’t often delve into personal matters in this blog, I wanted to finally be open about it. Maybe someday I’ll write more about the experience. But for now I just want to say that I’m grateful to my caring doctors and nurses at St. Micheal’s and Princess Margaret Hospitals in Toronto (without whom I’d no doubt not be alive today), my loving partner, Jiri, and my amazing family and friends who rallied to help me through that difficult time.

Every year reduces the likelihood of recurrence. And every day of life is a blessing.


* “R” was first published by experiment-o, an online poetry and visual arts magazine published by Amanda Earl’s AngelHousePress in Ottawa.