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An outdoors of her own . . .

My co-op’s rooftop provides a peaceful place to write.


Plus every now and then the clouds go all sublime—

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Camille Martin

Reflections on a Bus (photographs)

          Whenever I’m on a train or bus, I soon become aware of the interplay of scenery with layers of window reflections. It creates a collage of multiple illusions. During my recent trip from Toronto to Montreal on the upper level of a double-decker bus, I photographed some of these reflections.
          If you enjoy the slide show below, have a look at a different kind of bus reflection in my post “The Bus Driver’s Hands.”

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Camille Martin

Louisiana Waterworld

     Views from my plane flying over the water-logged region around New Orleans.
     Land like a big wet sponge.

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Camille Martin

Photos: The Bus Driver’s Hands

I took the photos below while on a Greyhound from Toronto to Detroit. The ceiling’s reflective surface gave me a funhouse-mirror view of the bus driver’s hands over the big steering wheel. I’d left my books in my luggage, so the reflections helped me while away the otherwise dreary bus ride.

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Camille Martin

yrs truly, pre- and post-java

Camille Martin

Poetry & peak foliage

Photo: Camille Martin

         Ongoing fantasy: to book poetry readings with perfect timing for the peak ripening of fall colours. I hit the gold, orange, and red jackpot in Ottawa and Kingston during my recent readings for the AB Series (hosted by Max Middle) and the Thrive Series (hosted by Erin Foley). The views from the train were gorgeous, and the lush backdrop of colours made walking around town with friends before and after the reading that much more enjoyable.
         Photos from the readings in Ottawa and Kingston:

Photo credit: Max Middle

AB Series, showing my new Above/Ground chapbook, If Leaf, Then Arpeggio, with colliding galaxies on the cover

Photo credit: Pearl Pirie

AB Series

Photo credit: Erin Foley

Thrive Series reading from Sonnets (dig the moose-muse!)

Thanks to Max Middle and Erin Foley, intrepid and community-creating curators;

Zorras Multimedia Troupe for putting on a spectacular show in Ottawa;

Dean and Francoise Steadman, who graciously hosted me in Ottawa;

Charles and Amanda Earl, who gave me a terrific tour of Ottawa and made me want to pack up and move there immediately;

rob mclennan for bringing If Leaf, Then Arpeggio, my Above/Ground chapbook hot off the press, to the reading;

Christine McNair and rob mclennan, who invited me to have dinner with them in their fantastic new digs in an old Victorian house in Ottawa;

Bruce Kauffman for interviewing me on CFRC-FM in Kingston;

and to those wonderful souls who attended the readings, made me feel welcome, and even bought some books.

Camille Martin

Anniversary of Kristallnacht

photo: Camille Martin

Buchenwald-Dora Memorial, Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

The day that I visited the memorial, a crew was laying camera tracks for a documentary film. The tracks, ending at the memorial, unintentionally added a layer of horrific realism to the scene.

I dedicate this photo to the relatives of my partner, Jiri, who were killed in the Holocaust, and to his mother, Lilly, and his daughter’s grandmother, Dolly, who survived.

Camille Martin