Paris Wanderlust

Introduction to the series
Street Art
Words on the Street
Sculptures — Niches & Caryatids
Sculptures — Les Animaliers
Sculptures — Hybrids & Fantasies
Sculptures — Three Greats
Old Friends in Père Lachaise Cemetery
So Many Parks . . .
So Many More Parks . . .
Canal St-Martin
Tuileries, Plantes, Monceau
Jardin du Luxembourg
From Horse Slaughterhouse to Parc Georges-Brassen
Sculpture Garden on the Seine
A Park atop a Train Station
Fences & Benches
Hillside Parks
Parks Hugging Gothic Churches
New Parks on Old Tracks
Vertical Gardens
Gardens for Poets
Land’s End Moments
What Is the Job of a Cemetery Cat?
A Museum of Memento Mori in Montparnasse Cemetery
Romanizing the Parisii
Merovingian Architecture — Does It Even Exist in Paris?
Romanesque Paris — Hybrid Creatures
Gothic Meets 20th Century — Notre Dame
The Gothic “Cruet” Church
Sainte-Chapelle — Gothic Graphic Novel
The Prettiest Church in Paris
Medieval Paris — From Castles to Hostels
What Medieval Streets?
Hybrids at the Cusp of the Renaissance
Baroque Twins in the Marais
Neoclassical Columns & Columns & . . .
Mansions of the “Tax Farmers”
The Haussmannian Revolution
Sexy Art Nouveau
Art Deco
Brick Play
Islands of Urban Tranquility — Cottages & Row Houses
Scenes of Urban Development in Paris
Paris’ Love Affair with Glass
The Mashrabiya Connection
Never Forget
Bridging the Seine
Passages with Personality
A Paris Mashup
A Cul-de-Lampe of Time and Weather