Below are links to my essays and reviews under six headings:

Poetics / Culture of Poetry
Reviews, Close Readings, Interviews
Visual Arts
Cognitive Science
Culture (New Orleans, Cajun, etc.)
Personal Essays

1) Poetics / Culture of Poetry
• Musicality in Poetry
• We are all Walloon poets
• Poetry’s 49th Parallel: Canadian/American Shibboleths
• The Majlis Collaborative Experience
• On Homunculi, Steam Locomotives, and Hans Clodhopper (interview)
• The Fledgling Book Flies the Nest
• The Monostich, True and Found
• On Cross-Pollination: An interview with Camille Martin by James Pickersgill
• Poetry, Art, Music—and the Gift of Synesthesia (an image essay in Talking Writing)
• My Vancouver: Book Heaven
• Traveling with Pessoa: “The universe isn’t mine: it’s me.”

2) Reviews, Close Readings, Interviews
13 Poetry Books on Neptune
Thumbs-up to 11 poetry books (and so many more)
Ken Belford’s Decompositions: Intelligent Nature
Charles Borkhuis: “Write What I Say” (poem)
Charles Borkhuis: “Write What I Say” (essay)
Besmilr Brigham: Run Through Rock (poem)
Besmilr Brigham: The Place of Place (essay)
Joel Chace: Cleaning the Mirror
“G” is for Genre: Maxine Chernoff’s Todorov
Robert Creeley and Francesco Clemente’s Anamorphosis: Death and the Stuff of Dreams
“Chafing at the Margins: An Interview with Joel Dailey
Connie Deanovich’s Essence of Saint
Pixel-Gene Hybridity: David Dowker’s Machine Language
“how many years without death”: Larry Eigner’s memento mori
Samuel Greenberg: The Lowly Eye
Samuel Greenberg’s Braided Secrets
Barbara Guest’s Musicalities
Phil Hall: A Widened Field of Signification
Anselm Hollo: “Hard to say whether the jars’ve gotten any lighter.”
Anselm Hollo: Motes and Pellets: A Brief Tribute.”
Trevor Joyce: Let them eat fire
Lionel Kearns:Entry in The Canadian Encyclopedia
Signifying the Tradition: Kaie Kellough’s Maple Leaf Rag
The Self vs. Apollo the Dork: Ish Klein’s “WE WILL FREE EACH OTHER”
Bill Knott’s Strong-Lined Sonnets
Sonnet L’Abbé: Entry in The Canadian Encyclopedia
Ann Lauterbach’s Pilgrim of Desire
Rupert Loydell: Empty Lawns and Battered Days
“I know I am traveling all the time”: The Twilight Dreams of Artur Lundquist
Kimberly Lyons’ Fleeting Continuum
Camille Martin: The Next Big Thing: R Is the Artichoke of Rose
Camille Martin: Katie Rosenthal interviews Camille Martin on Looms
Joseph Massey: The Language of Desire to Speak
Sampling Jay Millar’s Other Poems
Sheila E. Murphy and Lewis LaCook: Beyond the Bother of Sunlight
Meredith Quartermain’s Martian Feast
Miklos Radnoti (1909 – 1944)
Monty Reid’s The Luskville Reductions: Poems from a Phantom Settlement
Reading the Minds of Events: Leslie Scalapino’s Plural Time
Remembering remembering Leslie Scalapino
Adam Seelig’s Every Day in the Morning (Slow)
Poetic Polyphony in Scott Thurston’s Internal Rhyme
Alberta Turner: What do you mean, mean?
Mark Weiss (editor and translator): Review of The Whole Island: Six Decades of Cuban Poetry
Robert Zend’s Daymares: Dreams Report the Bankruptcy of Words
Robert Zend’s Typescapes: Poetry from a Renaissance Man of Letters
Robert Zend: Poet of Exile, Citizen of the Cosmos
Robert Zend: Poet without Borders – Preface with Portraits
Robert Zend: Part 1. Linelife: Premiere of a Rediscovered Treasure
Robert Zend: Part 2. Dissolving Labels and Boundaries
Robert Zend: Part 3. Hungary: Childhood and Early Adulthood
Robert Zend: Part 4. Canada: “Freedom, Everybody’s Homeland”
Robert Zend: Part 5. Hungarian Literary Roots: The Budapest Joke and Other Influences
Robert Zend: Part 6. Canadian Literary Cross-Pollination: Marshall McLuhan
Robert Zend: Part 7. Canadian Literary Cross-Pollination: bpNichol
Robert Zend: Part 8. Canadian Literary Cross-Pollination: The Three Roberts, Norman McLaren, Glenn Gould
Robert Zend: Part 9. International Affinities: Argentina (Borges)
Robert Zend: Part 10. International Affinities: France (Marcel Marceau)
Robert Zend: Part 11. International Affinities: Italy (Leopardi and Pirandello)
Robert Zend: Part 12. International Affinities: Belgium (Magritte) and Japan
Robert Zend: Part 13. Gaskets, Thumbtacks, Toilet Paper Rolls . . . and Doodles
Robert Zend: Afterword: Citizen of the Macrocosm
Robert Zend: Announcing The Robert Zend Website

3) Visual Arts
Decasia: The Seeds of Destruction
Extreme Inefficiency of the Rube Goldberg Machine: Peter Fischli and David Weiss’s The Way Things Go
Learning to Use a Spoon by Reading Braille: Gail Tarantino
Slow Remains (a short film)
Ward Island Ferry (or, underwater life jackets): a short film
Collage: An Interview with Camille Martin by Amanda Earl
Photos: The Bus Driver’s Hands, by Camille Martin
Aerial Photos: Louisiana Waterworld, by Camille Martin
Photos from Vancouver Writers Fest: Nicole Brossard, John Barton, Catherine Owen (& special guest Fred Wah), by Camille Martin
Photos: Reflections on a Bus, by Camille Martin

4) Cognitive Science
I. From Motorcycle to Biopsy: The Messy Desk of the Mind
II. “I hate my birthday!”—Or, what do elegies by New York school poets have in common with the story of an Italian anarchist?
Hypnagogic Dreams: John Franklin’s Fig Newton on a Piano Stool

5) Culture (New Orleans, Cajun, etc.)
Passion Flowers, Gulf Fritillary Butterflies, and Cultural Exoticism
Fat Tuesday, Krewe of St. Anne: A Photo Essay
One Stop Shopping: Tuxedos and Po-Boys
All That Glitters on the Spiderweb: Myth, Race, and Denial
St. Roch Chapel in New Orleans, a Parallel Universe
Parallel Universes Redux – St. Joseph’s Altar in New Orleans, a Hybrid Feast
The Taco Trucks of Columbus, Ohio

6) Personal Essays
Mamma and The Messiah: An Alzheimer’s Tale of Music Weaving the World Back Together

My Evangeline: White Bread and Mardi Grad Queens in the Deep South

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