Anniversary of Kristallnacht

photo: Camille Martin

Buchenwald-Dora Memorial, Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

The day that I visited the memorial, a crew was laying camera tracks for a documentary film. The tracks, ending at the memorial, unintentionally added a layer of horrific realism to the scene.

I dedicate this photo to the relatives of my partner, Jiri, who were killed in the Holocaust, and to his mother, Lilly, and his daughter’s grandmother, Dolly, who survived.

Camille Martin

4 responses to “Anniversary of Kristallnacht

  1. My com-passion. My father was as an American soldier in the Battle of the Bulge and ran all the way down to Berlin with frost-bitten feet.


  2. What an amazing story, Anny! And how fortunate for him (and you) that he survived that terrible battle. My father was in the Air Force in Europe during the war. He used to quote Churchill when he talked of his experiences – the greatest thrill in life is to be shot at and missed. My father was lucky, too. Too many were not.


  3. . . . and the more I think of it, it’s hard to even imagine the profound effect that such experiences as your father’s would have on a person. The horror and pain of it all.


  4. Ah yes, dear Camille. What these men, like your father and mine, have been. The horror and the pain. With love, Anny


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