Gimme! (for National Poetry Month)

Gimme, one of my ransom note collages, is featured today on the National Poetry Month website, curated by Amanda Earl. This year, the focus is on visual poetry. Every day, an image by a different visual poet will be uploaded on her site.

Here’s a peek:

Click here to see the whole paean to greed.



Camille Martin

8 responses to “Gimme! (for National Poetry Month)

  1. I love this piece. Very glad to have discovered your work via Amanda, Camille.


  2. Dear Camille,
    I have been looking at your site for a long time (as a lurker on the poetics listserv- EPC) and now I have started my own blogspot. I would like to create a link on my blog to send people to look at your vispo etc. Since I am new at blogging, I wonder if this is all right with you? I am a teacher, writer and poet and the main themes of my blog is creativity and mental illness. I have been posting my son’s visual poetry as well as what he says in a dialogued prose I created with him in the last few weeks. Sheila E. Black


  3. Hi, Sheila, I’m glad you find something of interest in my blog. I’d welcome a link to my blog on yours, and would be happy to reciprocate with a link to yours. Just send me the address.



  4. Dear Camille,

    My url address for my new blogspot is

    I am having a guy come over on Wednesday to help me with the technical details of attaching links, then he says he will fix my address so that it reads like a domain or he will create it as a domain called culturalblanket. com leaving out “wordpress” ….
    Yes I have been checking out your blog for years actually, especially the visual imagery. Thanks for all of it. Sheila


  5. I just added a link to Cultural Blanket – beautiful, thanks for letting me know about it!


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