The Prince of Orange

(Photo: Camille Martin)

(Photo: Camille Martin)


                Now. Tell me how much I am to respect
                the Prince of Orange. In that fine-spun prose
                that fine-spun rosy prose.

                How sheen it is! (Talk of dopey Raggedy Ann
                hanging from a peg is talk
                stained purple from sour grapes.

                So they say.) What a fine ring
                (or is it twang?) the word “frivolous”
                possesseth. Yea.

                About dead Arthur. Who knows but I
                that he loved licorice and

                Not you swell fellows and girls no no
                Nor you swell girls and fellows.


                Gilbert Sorrentino, The Orangery, p. 57



                Camille Martin

3 responses to “The Prince of Orange

  1. Camille, I’m casting a show on CMT about outrageously themed lawns and I’d love to know where you saw this topiary lawn…The Orangery. Please touch base


  2. Hi, Melody. I took this photo and also this one:
    at a garden shop in Houston specializing in topiaries. Not a lawn, alas.


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