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Phil Hall: A widened field of signification

Please check out my entry on poet Phil Hall for the Canadian Encyclopedia.

An excerpt:

“In the pivotal collection Hearthedral: A Folk-Hermetic (1996), Phil Hall’s poetic shift becomes more apparent. It shows his transition from relatively accessible poetry using colloquial realism into more complex language reminiscent of James Joyce’s wordplay in Finnegans Wake and Gerard Manley Hopkins’ richly descriptive poetry. . . .”

Camille Martin

The return of the rogue . . .

More posts arriving soon, including samples from poetry books that have taken off the top of my head lately.

Meanwhile, please have a look at my newly spruced-up website—it’s leaner and cleaner and easier to navigate:


Enjoy the perusing. Comments welcome!

In other news, I recently completed a new collection of poems, “Looms.” I used the Toronto New School of Writing‘s Manuscript Midwives program and went through intensive and gratifying editing sessions with poet Phil Hall, who has an uncanny ability to figure out what you want to do and help you do it better. I’m excited about this new manuscript, which is getting encouraging feedback from poet friends who’ve read the manuscript and heard my readings from it, most recently at AvantGarden.

And onward to a new poetry manuscript with the working title “Cambrian Blues.”




Camille Martin