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Photos: Tyrone Williams, James LaCroix, and Camille Martin at Detroit’s Woodward Line Series

          A couple of weeks before the reading, James Hart, co-curator of Detroit’s Woodward Line Poetry Series, realized that two other poets and I were booked for Thanksgiving Eve. We assumed that only a handful of people would show up. But in fact the reading was very well attended.
          As a venue, The Scarab Club is a poetry series curator’s dream: a beautiful open space with great acoustics in an historic old building.
          I had the pleasure of reading with two terrific poets, both from Detroit: James LaCroix and Tyrone Williams.
          Many thanks to the organizers and hosts of the evening, including Kim Hunter and James Hart III.

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Camille Martin

Detroit, Thanksgiving Eve: Tyrone Williams, James La Croix, Camille Martin

Camille Martin