The Magic Leaf and Flying Tadpole of Cobourg

I was on Google Maps wandering around Cobourg, Ontario (where I’ll be reading on Tuesday), and came across THE COBOURG LEAF, which apparently magically appears as you drive towards the lake on Church Street. Someone also pointed out a FLYING TADPOLE to the upper left.

I’m convinced that anything can happen in Cobourg.

Camille Martin

2 responses to “The Magic Leaf and Flying Tadpole of Cobourg

  1. hello Camille, we met at at the meetup and you showed me Looms.I was impressed and had to find out more ,found your website . Four books and an artist too congratulations ! An old teacher
    sidetracked me and I lost the group so missed the food and drinks.i will try to read your book . Good luck in Coburg and Detroit.


  2. Thank you – it was nice to talk to you & maybe see you again at another “gallery crawl”!


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