black asterisk


(Photo: Camille Martin)

(Photo: Camille Martin)


                black asterisk in a black alphabet.
                a question of the love of larvae. lovely
                birth of larvae in yellow silk or yellow
                brass. milky decorum or exo-skeleton
                in the metropole. celestial urns and baskets, many
                baskets mocking purple robins. why? paper cut
                willow blues, willow socket shocks. motifs
                appear. again, motifs and a coccyx twin.
                sheepish angels in a starry slipcase mingle stone
                or stones and blurry angels. a sudden folding,
                a sodden book, abruptly sullen. is it signed
                by paper prophets? is it numbered? acorns
                are new. eels cascade. acorns are sadly news.
                o bittersweet, bittersweet black sheep!



“black asterisk” was first published by experiment-o


Camille Martin

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