When Houses Were Alive

(Photo: Camille Martin)

(Photo: Camille Martin)


When Houses Were Alive

    One night a house suddenly rose up from the ground and went flying through the air. It was dark, & it is said that a swishing, rushing noise was heard as it flew through the air. The house had not yet reached the end of its road when the people inside begged it to stop. So the house stopped.
    They had no blubber when they stopped. So they took soft, freshly drifted snow & put it in their lamps & it burned.
    They had come down at a village. A man came to their house & said:
    Look, they are burning snow in their lamps. Snow can burn.
    But the moment these words were uttered, they lamp went out.


Inugpasugjuk. “Eskimo Prose Poems.” Technicians of the Sacred. Ed. Jerome Rothenberg. Garden City, NY: Anchor Books, 1969.



Camille Martin

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