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filling Station: The Crow Issue

Three of my poems were recently published in filling Station: Corvine Writing for Corvée Writers (#53).

Thanks to Caitlynn Cummings, the new Managing Editor of filling Station.

The issue features a murder of corvine poets: Mat Laporte, Eric Schmaltz, Darius Kinney, Kris Demeanor, Kim Kautsky, Kevin Stebner, Anahita Jamali Rad, David Goldstein, Christin Miscione, Jason Sunder, Dylan King, Daniel Roche, Justin Foster, Allie Jaynes, Rosemary Griebel, Ursula Jordaan, and Kris Demeanor.

Not to mention an unkindness of raven art, fiction, and nonfiction (including a review of Jenny Sampirisi’s Croak).

Camille Martin