R has arrived!

I interrupt my parade of collages to announce the birth of R, my sixth book of poetry. Weighing in at 154 pages, it consists of pithy poems ranging from playful to meditative to sassy to inscrutable. Who knows what this baby will say next? The front and back covers of R feature collages that I created for the book.

Please help me welcome R into the world by ordering a copy and spreading the word. Go to https://www.camillemartin.ca/store/p/r or you can message me in the comments below. Review copies available on request.

Here’s a poem from R:

2 responses to “R has arrived!

  1. Congratulations on what looks like a wonderful new book I am eager to read, Camille!


  2. Thank you, Sheila, your copy will shortly be in the mail! XOXO


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