Sheila E. Murphy in New Orleans

As a prelude to my gratitude post for poet Sheila E. Murphy, I wanted to share a memory of the time she honoured New Orleans with her reading for the Lit City series in the mid-90s. One of Sheila’s favourite novels (and mine) was John Kennedy Toole’s carnivalesque A Confederacy of Dunces, which recounts the raucously comical misadventures of Ignatius Reilly, an unlikely medievalist and one-time hotdog vendor living with his mother in New Orleans. We set about touring some Ignatius landmarks, including the ubiquitous hotdog carts in the French Quarter. I treasure my photo of Sheila standing next to one.

2 responses to “Sheila E. Murphy in New Orleans

  1. I treasure this memory of experiencing New Orleans with Camille Martin, not only honoring our fictional hero Ignatius, but gathering beads pre-Mardi Gras and reading for Camille’s series. THANK YOU, CAMILLE!

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