New poem in Caliban: “Blink”

“Blink,” a poem from my manuscript Blueshift Road, was just published in the gorgeous new issue of Caliban (p. 51). Have a look—the issue has some terrific poetry and stunning visual art!

Many thanks to Editor Larry Smith.


Also featured:
Janet Passehl
Denver Butson
Frank Izquierdo
Diane Wakoski
Nathaniel Tarn
Ellen Wilt
Michael S. Harper
Terry Hauptman
Dale Houstman
James Grabill
Frank Garaitonandia
Karen Garthe
John Digby
George Kalamaras
Andrew Abbott
Deborah Kreuze
Ray Gonzalez
Jefreid Lotti
Alison Hicks
Ricardo Pau-llosa
Holly Boruck
Tim Kahl
Carol Shillibeer
Austin Strauss
John Bradley
Seth Mirza
Zolton komor
Edward Mycue
Sheila E. Murphy
Andrew Joron
Jose Telot
James Grinwis
Ardiel Acosta
Robert Gregory
Jeff Harrison
Robert Vander Molen
John Grey

Camille Martin

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