New review of Looms: “Impressive and addictive”

Stride Magazine of the U.K. published Steve Spence’s brief review of Looms. A quote:

“[Looms] has a very painterly, noir feel, alienated and penumbral, taut yet expansive. Impressive and addictive.”

And as addictions go, much better for you than Pringles or crack. You can get a copy of Looms at these vendors:

Small Press Distribution (US)
Apollinaire’s Bookshoppe (Canada) (Canada) (US)
The Book Depository (UK, worldwide)


Camille Martin

2 responses to “New review of Looms: “Impressive and addictive”

  1. Dear Camille,

    I am NOT at all surprised that LOOMS garnered such fine reviews. BIG Congrats! Sometime down the line if I can keep my theenk books alive and progressing, I should love to try my hand at another collection of yours.

    Bests, Steve ☺


  2. Thank you, Steve, & best wishes!


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