Om Kalsoum: A rare live recording of the Nightingale of Egypt

          Years ago a friend slipped me a cassette of a young Om Kalsoum recorded live in what sounds like a cafe full of spontaneously appreciative audience members.
          I’ve never heard Kalsoum sound so secular and sexy. The sound quality of the recording isn’t that great, but who cares? Her voice is youthful, sultry and exquisite.
          I made a cd of the cassette (about 38 minutes long) and managed to create a .wav file—it’s pretty large, but available for the downloading here:

          It grows in intensity, so it pays to listen to it to the end.



Camille Martin

4 responses to “Om Kalsoum: A rare live recording of the Nightingale of Egypt

  1. Thank you!! It’s very interesting.


  2. You’re welcome – I’m glad you enjoyed it – she’s amazing!


  3. Beautiful voice… She charmed me. It’s amazing how much she has done for 50 years!
    As I see here Oum Kalsoum is in the middle of her career. Her last recordings are absolutely different, but they are also very interesting.
    Thank you for your work!! Really rare live recording.


  4. You are very welcome. Maybe she is not so young in this recording as I imagined. She’s a virtuoso, and I agree, this recording is something very special!


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