in-flight collage

I’m back in Toronto after my rather hectic reading tour in Europe for Sonnets and some much-needed relaxation in Paris with Jiri. Below’s a collage that I made to pass the time during my flight home, using images torn from the Air France magazine . . . More when I recover from the jetlag . . .

Camille Martin

3 responses to “in-flight collage

  1. A fun piece. I don’t know how you can work on an airplane. Personally I get drugged up with gravol and try to sleep.


  2. I know what you mean, but I had to do something to keep awake so as not to miss Air France’s lamb cous cous and open bar, though the woman sitting next to me suspected that I should be on the no-fly list.


  3. I keep looking at that head with the horses legs underneath it. And the time piece for a hair line or in the horses case his shoulders. Lovely image. Almost expect the horse’s tail to come flipping out of the guy’s mouth as his tongue. Wonderful.


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