Roundup: Poetry Close Readings and Appreciations

Hello, friends! My blog is now almost eight months old—I hope that you’re enjoying the posts.

I’m entering a busy time, with teaching responsibilities and readings to launch Sonnets, and I’m also in a reflective mood. So for this post I’m providing internal links to my close readings and appreciations of various poets over the last few months, with the most recent ones first.

As always, feel free to leave comments and to subscribe to my blog. Also, a link from your blog to mine would be greatly appreciated, and I’ll be happy to reciprocate with a link from mine to yours (unless you’re into shower cams or vengeful ex-wife pics—my most recent spammers).

Camille Martin

Trevor Joyce: Let them eat fire
Barbara Guest: “Bleat”
Ann Lauterbach’s Pilgrim of Desire
Connie Deanovich’s Essence of Saint
“G” is for Genre: Maxine Chernoff’s Todorov
“how many years / without death”: Larry Eigner’s memento mori
Miklos Radnoti (1909 – 1944)
Run Through Rock: Besmilr Brigham (the poem)
The Place of Place: Besmilr Brigham’s Run Through Rock (the essay)
We are all Walloon poets
“I know I am traveling all the time”: The Twilight Dreams of Artur Lundquist
Interview on rob mclennan’s blog
The Majlis Collaborative Experience
Anamorphosis (Creeley/Clemente): Death and the Stuff of Dreams
Alberta Turner: What do you mean, mean?
Empty Lawns and Battered Days: Rupert Loydell’s “Slow-Motion”
Anselm Hollo’s Heavy Jars: “Hard to say whether the jars’ve gotten any lighter.”
Rae Armantrout’s Waves of Punchlines

* * * * *

Camille Martin

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