Sonnets redux

I just finished proofing my upcoming book, Sonnets, which will appear in mid-March from Shearsman Books. I feel very close to this book—there was much pleasure in its writing.

And I’m excited about my tour of the U.K. following the London launch in early May. I just added a reading in Bangor, Wales, thanks to Zoë Skoulding. Iechyd da!

Here are a couple of my recently-published sonnets:
twigs with tiny
variations bob
against the blue.
no gunshot, no
sprint. earth murmurs
on its axis, volume turned
off. no hearts beating
to drums. seeds hook
animal fur. no countdown,
but a desert blossoming
between one and zero.
droplets fed by tiny
catastrophes dangle
from twigs.
repeat. flesh
of snow, pocks
in tarnished snow.
snow of lust.
snow of cash.
blathering omega’s
travesty of dust.
snow breaking
vows of poverty
but not silence.
snow of theft.
sparrows buried
in snow.
“twigs” was first published in Fell Swoop. “snow” was first published in Eleven Eleven.
Camille Martin

4 responses to “Sonnets redux

  1. Camille,

    I see you’ve experimented with sonnet ‘form’, with interesting results. Each reads to me like a series of haiku.

    What do you think of Richard Vallance’s more traditional form?


  2. I’m looking forward to reading your book.


  3. Hi, Conrad. I’m not familiar with Richard’s sonnets, but I had the pleasure of hearing him at an open mic when I read in Ottawa.


  4. Thanks, Hedgie – I’ll announce here when it’s available.


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