Run Through Rock: Besmilr Brigham

Besmilr Brigham

The Run Through Rock, Why It Quivers

                       composite that makes a fiercer
to live all one breath before air,
shaped to cry out
over wet leaves, for piercing stalk:
washed in
downpours of growing water
fragile as fire
rooted in places where birds
        fly in through dark
        flaying black wings above all sound their
        individual chatter:
        a changed moon, perpetual summer
who finds a grackle fallen—?
or leaf, in pushing rush
pouring down from a brevity of field
out from wind;
a rampage of piercing reds
    made dark with undertones
the hardening brain
(still wild range)
running loose in separate known
regulation, difference tight as
the sun’s course
                                    longer more certain;
the mind forgets

under that repetitious tree that throws up
limbs of flowing stalks, the fragile
that the body is like a bird, dying
    a stone
that falls
lying from light, where
light draws up
no color, no fire fiercer than
the brain (a warmth in snow

Camille Martin

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