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Part 2: “I hate my birthday!”—Or, what do elegies by New York school poets have in common with the story of an Italian anarchist?

Yesterday, I wrote about the ways in which the tip-of-the-tongue experience is helping cognitive scientists to learn how the mind stores and retrieves information. When we struggle to remember something, we will sometimes begin with the conviction that we remember … Continue reading

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Below are links to my essays and reviews under six headings: Poetics / Culture of Poetry Reviews, Close Readings, Interviews Visual Arts Cognitive Science Culture (New Orleans, Cajun, etc.) Personal Essays 1) Poetics / Culture of Poetry • Musicality in … Continue reading

Part 1: From Motorcycle to Biopsy: The Messy Desk of the Mind

Copernicus, Darwin, Freud: hacking away at the pedestal (with a pit stop at Total Information Awareness) Freud traces the history of scientific revolutions as one of successive blows to “the naïve self-love of men.” In one blow, Copernicus disabused humanity … Continue reading