“Smacked by demos”: Artichokes in Talisman

          I’m excited to have poems from R Is the Artichoke of Rose in Talisman: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics. Many thanks to editor Lisa Bourbeau!
          The poems are in a section entitled The Occupation: The First of Three Major Selections of Works by and about Women Writers Around the World. Please check it out — it’s a fantastic issue with lots and lots of goodies!
          Click the image below to link to the journal:


Camille Martin

3 responses to ““Smacked by demos”: Artichokes in Talisman

  1. Camille, I like these poems in Talisman a lot. They explore the space (white, but not empty) words may create among themselves, an obsession very much in my poetry also. I assume that is the underlying concern in your minimalist poems. Ciao, Murat


  2. Thanks, Murat, that means a great deal to me.


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