New poems in Posit Magazine: “Current, Unique” and “Vectors”

Two new poems have been published in Posit Magazine:
“Current, Unique” and “Vectors” (a series)

Click on the image below to have a look:


I’m in excellent company with the other contributors, so please check out the whole current issue:

Claudia Alvarez
Michael Basinski
Iain Britton
Andrew Cantrell
Charles Dellschau
Elaine Equi
Dennis Etzel Jr.
Howie Good
Nicholas Grider
Crag Hill
Dimitri Kozyrev
Krystal Languell
Joe Milazzo
Julie Peppito
Ken Taylor
Louisa Waber

Many thanks to editor Susan Lewis!

Camille Martin

Review of Hanne Bramness’ No Film in the Camera

         My review of No Film in the Camera, a collection of ekphrastic poems by Norwegian poet Hanne Bramness, was just published by Poets@Work. Many thanks to editor Liv Lansdale.
         Please click the image below to see the review:


Camille Martin

Coldfront Magazine: A Robert Zend Sampler

          I’m delighted to announce that ten visual poetry pieces by Robert Zend have been published in Coldfront Magazine. Many thanks to Nico Vassilakis for welcoming the idea to showcase some of Zend’s typewriter art and concrete poetry, and also to Janine Zend and Natalie Zend.
          Click on the image below to see the sampler. Enjoy!


Camille Martin

Not Stieglitz’s “Equivalents,” but . . .

. . . here are some cloud formations I took from my rooftop a few days ago:

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Camille Martin

Seven questions for Camille Martin (Touch the Donkey supplement)

          As if rob mclennan didn’t have enough to do following the birth of his and Christine’s lovely Rose!
        Using his super-human multi-tasking powers, he interviewed me in Touch the Donkey Supplement #2. We talked about riffing on Shakespeare and connecting poetry and music.
        Click the image below to Touch the Donkey:


Camille Martin

Aerial photos between Kelowna and Vancouver

          These photos originally appeared here in January 2014, but I temporarily removed them because they interrupted the flow of my series on Robert Zend. So I re-post them here.
          The photos were taken following a reading for the UBC-Okanagan Visiting Authors Series and a one-week retreat that they kindly made possible. originally I had been scheduled to fly from Kelowna to Edmonton to Toronto, but that flight was cancelled due to fog in the Kelowna valley. My “rescue” flight took me from Kelowna to Vancouver, and I’m so glad it did because the scenery was spectacular.
          Here are a few shots I took from the plane:

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Camille Martin

“pugilist grandmother” and other poems in Fell Swoop: The All-Bohemian Revue

Fell Swoop: The All-Bohemian Revue just published five short-short poems of mine. Mercy to Joel Dailey.


PS Fell Swoop is a print-only magazine published in New Orleans by Joel Dailey. To subscribe, send a note to Joel on Facebook. It’s worth every Mardi Gras doubloon you can scrounge up.

Camille Martin